I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1945. In 1949 we moved to Vancouver, where my father joined the machinery business that his father and two partners started in 1911.

As a youngster and into my teens I attended “Saturday Morning Art Classes”, first in the basement of the old  Vancouver Art Gallery and later at The Vancouver School of Art. Also the”Painting in the Park” summer program introduced me to painting “plein air”.

After graduating from high school in 1964, I attended The Vancouver School of Art, graduating in 1969 with honours in painting and design.

In 1974 I started a four year Dept. of Labour carpentry apprenticeship program. In 1978 I received my certification and worked full time in that trade until 1995.

After being away from my art practice for over 20 years, I felt the need to get back to work!  Photography was the medium I chose. While at art school, I had played around with several cameras and a makeshift darkroom. 

I’ve found that my background in painting, drawing and carpentry has had an ongoing influence on my approach to making photographic compositions. In Vancouver I have been represented by Art Works Gallery for the past 12 years. Since October 2012 I have been the Saturday afternoon volunteer sitter at Gallery 295.